Electric Four-Wheel Sprinkler BY-X20

Introducing a groundbreaking product, the Electric Sprinkler Truck, developed to serve the needs of properties, gardens, factories, universities, construction sites, and beyond. This vehicle operates solely on battery power, delivering an economical, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Its primary functions encompass road watering, dust suppression, green space irrigation, and emergency firefighting. This vehicle is distinguished by its effortless mobility, extensive capabilities, and generous cargo capacity.

Water Tank Capacity


Antiaircraft Gun Lift


Recharge Mileage


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Electric Four-Wheel Sprinkler BY-X20



Introducing the electric sprinkler truck, a cutting-edge product tailored for properties, gardens, factories, universities, construction sites, and other diverse locations. This vehicle operates solely on battery power, providing cost-efficiency, eco-friendliness, and an attractive appearance. Its primary functions encompass road watering and dust control, green space irrigation, and emergency firefighting. With features such as effortless mobility, versatile capabilities, and a substantial load capacity, this vehicle is well-suited for a multitude of applications.

Vehicle Chassis

The chassis features a robust construction, utilizing large-section No. 12 channel steel as the primary longitudinal beam, securely connected by seamless steel pipe cross beams. This design ensures excellent load-bearing capabilities, reliable strength, and resistance to torsion. Its modular structure allows for universal interchangeability of spare parts, enhancing safety and dependability.

Both the front and rear axles, along with their brakes, are integrated axle systems. The rear axle adopts a fully floating design, providing a high level of safety. Equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes, which are widened for added stability and safety.

The cab is crafted from high-quality carbon structural steel for its primary bending section and molding tools, employing a comprehensive process that includes sheet metal manipulation, cold bending, molding, and welding. The sliding glass door not only presents an attractive appearance but also boasts exceptional strength and durability, showcasing a modern and stylish design.

Operating Mode

The cab is constructed from top-tier carbon structural steel, utilizing advanced techniques such as sheet metal manipulation, cold bending, molding, and welding for the primary frame and shaping tools. The sliding glass door not only boasts an appealing aesthetic but also demonstrates exceptional strength and durability while maintaining a contemporary and stylish design. This vehicle offers a comprehensive watering solution by incorporating three methods: anti-aircraft cannon, fog cannon, and duckbill shower, catering to the unique requirements of various locations.

Power System

Vehicle Control System: Utilizes single-chip microcomputer control combined with a continuously variable accelerator. This system incorporates vital safety features, including protection against electromagnetic interference, overspeeding prevention, start delay, and reverse deceleration.

The entire vehicle operates solely on electric power, delivering cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness. The battery employed is a maintenance-free variant from reputable brands like Tianneng or Chaowei.

Cabinet Configuration

This vehicle comes equipped with two 2-cubic-meter water tanks and features a DC brushless self-priming water pump with a power rating of 1 kW. It offers an impressive watering range of 5-6 meters, while the anti-aircraft gun spray can reach distances of up to 10 meters.


Customers have the option to customize their vehicles with high-pressure washing devices, fog cannons, or anti-aircraft guns to meet their specific requirements.

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Technical Parameters

Vehicle Overall ParametersCurb Weightkg 
Gross Vehicle Weightkg 
Dimensions (l x w x h)mm4200*1500*2100mm
Wheel TreadFrontmm1250
Length SuspensionFrontmm 
Min. Ground Clearance 220
Working ParametersWater TankMaterialStainless Steel and Anti-Corrosion on Both Sides
Duckbill Fan Area5
Water Cannon Rangem10
Pump Diametermm50
Sprinkler Pump PowerKw1.5
sprinkler Widthm7-8
Fog Cannon Rangem15-20
Travelling Parameters Cruising Mileagem80
Max. Speed (No Load)km/h35
Max. Climbing Angle%15
Braking Distancem≤5.5
Min. Turning Diameterm4
ChassisNumber of Passengers2
ChassisManganese Steel Cold Riveted Splicing Light Truck Chassis
Drive Motor PowerKw7.5
Power Supplyv72
Speed ControlContinuously Variable Transmission
BatteryTypeTianneng Lead-Acid Maintenance-Free Battery (optional Lithium Battery)
Charging Timeh6-8h
Traveling Parameters5 Hole Full Floating Load Bridge
Braking MethodHydraulic Drum Brake + Vacuum Pump Auxiliary Brake
Body ParametersBodySheet Metal Electrophoretic Spraying Process
Air ConditionerOptional Heating and Cooling Air Conditioner, 360-Degree Adjustable Wind Direction
Driver CabinFully Enclosed Cab; Front Windshield Is Tempered Glass
SeatWaterproof Leather Sponge Seat
CameraColor Reversing Image
Water Level ObservationYes
Water Level AlarmYes
Optional Pure Electric High Voltage SystemHigh Pressure Washing PowerKw3
Washing PressureMpa18
Water FlowL/min15
Hose Roller Lengthm15
High-Pressure Pump BrandHigh-Pressure Washing Method
Optional Gasoline Engine High Pressure SystemEngine Power13.5HP
Optional Gasoline Engine High-Pressure SystemBriggs & Stratton Engine
High-Pressure Washing MethodItaly AR
Optional Heating and Cooling Air Conditioner, 360-degree Adjustable Wind DirectionLeft and Right High-Pressure Washing, High-Pressure Gun Washing