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Greenland Motors Pvt Ltd

Greenland Motors is Pakistan’s first motor vehicle company, which provides electric sanitation vehicles in collaboration with JINAN BAIYI Environmental Protection Company China. Our electric and hybrid electric vehicles are environment-friendly and highly energy-efficient. We are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions to the people of Pakistan and making our country green and clean.

Greenland Motors Pvt Ltd was founded with the goal of reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation sector in Pakistan. We believe that electric vehicles are the future of transportation, and we are committed to making them accessible to everyone.

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Vehicle Series

Greenland Motors presents a diverse portfolio of eco-friendly urban maintenance vehicles.

From high-pressure cleaning and leaf collection to waste management and advanced energy solutions, our series is engineered to cater to the dynamic needs of modern cities.

Experience sustainability, efficiency, and innovation with Greenland Motors, the future of urban environmental care.

Introducing The

BY-C1000, A Compact Electric Road Sweeper


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We are deeply committed to ecological balance, creating eco-friendly vehicles that minimize environmental impact to ensure a sustainable future.


We emphasize the creation of vehicles that optimize energy and operational resources, enhancing productivity and reducing waste, thereby contributing to resource conservation.


We prioritize groundbreaking technology and design, continually setting new industry standards and addressing urban maintenance needs.

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At Greenland Motors, your questions and feedback are invaluable to us! Whether you need more information on our innovative vehicle series, have inquiries about our values and commitment, or require support for our products, we’re here to assist you.

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