Electric Travel Vehicles

Model: GLM-SAAD Vehicle

The GLM-SAAD Vehicle is a compact, four-door, four-seat car with a 1000W motor and 48-60V rated voltage. It features a double eighteen-tube controller, rear disk brakes, and 400-10 vacuum aluminum wheels. It offers a choice between a steering wheel or handlebar and includes amenities like LED roof lamps, a luggage rack, sunroof, fan, reverse camera, anti-theft system, and Bluetooth radio, making it a functional and comfortable transportation option.

Model: GLM-Buraq Vehicle

Introducing the GLM-Buraq Vehicle by Shandong Bus New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., a versatile and efficient compact vehicle. Measuring 2800x970x1790mm, it features a robust steel frame and customizable exterior, ideal for various applications. Powered by a 72V 58Ah AC motor, it offers an 80km range and speeds up to 35km/h. With advanced MacPherson front and integral rear suspension, it ensures a smooth ride. Standard safety features, a digital instrument panel, and optional air conditioning and entertainment systems make the GLM-Buraq Vehicle a reliable and comfortable choice for any journey.

Model: GLM-Sultan Vehicle

The GLM-Sultan Vehicle is a compact urban vehicle, seating six and offering a 100-120km range with a PbAc (60V100AH) battery. It features advanced suspension, front and rear disc brakes, an integrated handbrake, and LED headlights for safety. Inside, it boasts plain leather seats, an injection-molded interior, a mid-position instrument panel, and amenities like a radio with reverse image, electric heater, and USB interface. With a top speed of 35km/h. Ideal for modern urban commuting.