Model: GLM-Buraq Vehicle

Introducing the GLM-Buraq Vehicle, a versatile and efficient vehicle designed by Shandong Bus New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. This compact model boasts a robust steel frame with a customizable exterior, making it ideal for diverse applications. With a vehicle size of 28009701790mm and a package size of 2600880700mm, it offers ample space while maintaining a sleek profile. Powered by a 72V 58Ah AC motor, the GLM-Buraq Vehicle delivers an impressive 80km endurance mileage and reaches speeds up to 35km/h.

Its advanced suspension system, including a MacPherson independent front axle and integral rear axle, ensures a smooth ride. The GLM-Buraq Vehicle is equipped with standard safety features, a digital instrument panel, and optional air conditioning and entertainment systems, making it a reliable and comfortable choice for any journey.

Vehicle size28009701790mm
Package size2600880700mm
Number of doors
Rated crew2+3+3
Curb weight240kg
Front track750mm
Rear track730mm
Minimum ground clearance90mm
Maximum speed35km/h
Maximum gradeability≥20%
Minimum turning radius2.5m
Climbing ability≤20%
Parking ability≤20%
Braking distance≤3.5m
Power systemAC motor
Battery capacity72V 58Ah
Endurance mileage80km
Charging time8-10h
Drive modeRear drive
Suspension systemLeaf spring
Brake systemHydraulic brake
Front axleMacPherson independent suspension
Rear axleIntegral rear axle
Tire specification145R12LT
Body structureSteel frame
Seat arrangement1+2+3
Door structureManual
Steering systemManual
Air conditioningOptional
Entertainment systemOptional
Safety equipmentStandard
Instrument panelDigital
Interior trimStandard
Exterior trimStandard
Warranty1 year or 20000 km

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