New Energy Road Maintenance Vehicle JBY5030TYHBEV

Small high-pressure water sweepers, also known as pure electric road vehicles, are versatile urban cleaning machines designed for efficiently washing and cleaning sidewalks, secondary roads, curbstones, and various urban structures. They offer a range of cleaning functions, including high-pressure flushing, dirt removal, and even floor tile restoration.

These vehicles are compact, lightweight, and gentle on public amenities like sidewalk tiles and manhole covers. They are built on a durable chassis with oversized tires and shock absorbers, ensuring they can handle heavy-duty tasks. Operator convenience is enhanced with a cab equipped with heating and cooling, making the operation safe, straightforward, and energy-efficient while also being environmentally friendly.

Power Source

Pure Electric

Recharge Mileage


Maximum Speed


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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New Energy Road Maintenance Vehicle JBY5030TYHBEV



Small high-pressure water sweepers, also known as pure electric road vehicles, boast versatile cleaning capabilities and are primarily employed for the swift and thorough cleansing of urban sidewalks, secondary roads, and curbstones. They excel at tidying up urban areas, including small advertisements, fruit bins, and trash cans through activities such as high-pressure flushing, dirt removal, floor tile restoration to their original colors, cleaning bus stop signs, and public toilet sanitization. These vehicles can seamlessly complement small road sweepers, enhancing overall cleaning efficiency.

These vehicles are compact, lightweight, and highly maneuverable, ensuring they don’t cause any harm to sidewalk floor tiles, manhole covers, or other public amenities. Built on a Changan chassis-SC1031XND64BEV, they employ a cold riveting splicing process and electrophoretic paint for durability. Equipped with oversized tires and shock absorbers, they easily handle heavy loads. Additionally, the operator can control the vehicle from the cab, which comes with heating and cooling air conditioning for comfort. This setup ensures straightforward and safe operation, making it an energy-efficient, eco-friendly choice.

Vehicle Chassis

The vehicle chassis is built on the reliable Changan chassis-SC1031XND64BEV and incorporates a robust cold riveting splicing technique along with electrophoretic paint. It’s further enhanced with oversized tires and shock absorbers, ensuring it effortlessly handles heavy loads and challenging conditions. Additionally, the cab features climate control with both heating and cooling, making operation straightforward, safe, and comfortable. This setup not only simplifies operation but also promotes energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Operating Mode

The vehicle relies on a lithium iron phosphate battery as its power source, offering an extended cruising range, cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and minimal noise emissions. Additionally, it provides the option for independent fast charging, allowing for rapid charging to full capacity in just 2-3 hours, facilitating all-weather operations.

Power System

The vehicle is powered by state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate batteries, providing it with a sustainable energy source. Inside the cab, operators have access to user-friendly controls while enjoying the comfort of heating and cooling air conditioning.

Vehicle Configuration

  • Front Flushing: Controlled by an electric valve, this system allows for flexible changes in flushing direction to suit different floor requirements. The water spray direction can also be adjusted during operation, with a range of approximately 30 degrees to the left and right.
  • Front-Side Rush: Electric valve control.
  • Box Body: The box body undergoes a sheet metal spray-molding process, including a pickling and phosphorizing treatment before molding. It features an integrated rotomolded water tank with a 1500-liter capacity. The water tank includes dedicated interfaces for cleaning and sewage discharge, as well as a water level observation window at the front for real-time monitoring of water levels.
  • Barrel Accessories: The vehicle is equipped with a 15-meter automatic retractor for the water pipe, making it easy to retract and release high-pressure hoses.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: The compact vehicle measures 5000×1600×2100mm, allowing for swift navigation through various streets and alleys.
  • Main Tool Box: The primary toolbox is equipped with hooks for storing handheld flushers, high-pressure water guns, and handheld brackets.
  • Additional Equipment: The vehicle is also furnished with a handheld high-pressure spray gun and a rotating nozzle, ideal for cleaning small advertisements, trash cans, and ground debris.

Operating Environment

The fully enclosed cab is outfitted with both heating and cooling air conditioning systems, enabling operators to carry out all tasks comfortably from within the cab.

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Technical Parameters

Project NameUnitsParameters
Number of Passengerspeople2
Maximum No-Load Speedkm/h80
Climbing Ability%15
Maximum Rangekm≥100
Wheel Pitchmm1372/1300
Minimum Ground Clearancemm170
Battery CapacityKWHLithium iron phosphate battery 41.5
Driving Motor PowerkwRated power 30/ peak power 60
Pump Power of Cleaning MachineKw7.5
Charging Timeh≤8
Tank SizeL1500
High-Pressure Flush Coil LengthL/min30
High Pressure Flush PressureMpa≥20
Whether the Water Level Is Observedm15
Steering Mode/ESP electronic power steering system
Whether There Is a Water Level Alarm/Yes
Whether Water Level Is Observed/Yes
Whether the Pressure Is Adjustable/Yes
Is There Any Astern Video/Yes