Trailed Leaf Collector BY-T3

The BY-T3 leaf collector is a specialized machine designed for efficiently handling autumn leaf and lightweight debris collection during emergency situations. It operates independently, quickly loads and transports large volumes of debris, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

The machine can be used in conjunction with various vehicles and features an extendable hose for collecting debris in hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, it has a shredding function to reduce waste volume, minimizing transportation costs.

Power Source


Tank Capacity


Flushing Pressure


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Trailed Leaf Collector BY-T3



The BY-T3 leaf collector is purpose-built for tackling autumnal emergencies when an abundance of fallen leaves and lightweight debris accumulates. This efficient machine operates independently, swiftly loading and transporting substantial quantities of leaves and debris. By doing so, it alleviates the physical strain on workers, significantly enhances work efficiency, and accelerates the collection process. The BY-T3 leaf collector seamlessly integrates with various vehicles, such as flatbed trucks, standard trucks, and garbage trucks.

Equipped with a flexible, extendable hose spanning 6 to 8 meters, it can effortlessly gather fallen leaves and debris within a 10-meter radius once parked. This feature makes it particularly adept at addressing challenging areas that are hard to clean with larger machinery, including roads, lawns, green belts, and tight corners. It excels at collecting lightweight refuse, crushing it, and then efficiently transferring it to disposal vehicles. Moreover, its shredding capability reduces waste volume, leading to fewer transportation trips and cost savings.

Vehicle Chassis

The leaf collector utilizes a sheet metal spray-plastic manufacturing process. On the exterior of the box, there is a hook for securing the leaf suction tube, and the top of the box is equipped with a 360-degree rotating bracket.

The box itself is designed with flat doors on the left, right, and rear sides, featuring internal locks, as well as ventilation and heat dissipation openings. These design elements enhance ventilation, effectively reducing the operating temperature of the equipment.

The discharge outlet comes in both square and round configurations, providing convenience for hose connections, and the direction of the discharge port is adjustable.

Operating Mode

This tractor-style leaf collector primarily employs a handheld nozzle to gather fallen leaves while being towed forward by a flatbed truck.

Power System

This leaf collector is truck-driven and employs a spiral lift mechanism for height adjustment. It operates at a speed of 40 km/h.

Under the hood, it boasts an 18-horsepower American-made Briggs & Stratton engine, capable of reaching 3600 rpm.

The collector is equipped with vacuum car tires mounted on aluminum alloy wheels, with a wheelbase measuring 1160mm.

Vehicle Configuration

Featuring a 6-8 meter straw attachment, this leaf collector can effectively vacuum garbage and fallen leaves within a 10-meter radius.

It is equipped with both a primary and an auxiliary fuel tank, allowing for seamless switching between them. The auxiliary tank has a 25-liter capacity and is designed with an external fuel filling port for easy refueling. Additionally, it includes an internal lock mechanism for added convenience and security during the refueling process.

The leaf collector also comes with an electric dust reduction function, supported by a 100-liter dust reduction water tank. An atomization effect is achieved through the placement of the dust reduction nozzle inside the discharge port.

Innovative Equipment

The introduction of traction leaf collectors has addressed a significant market need and can find extensive applications in various leaf collection scenarios. These include urban arterial roads, urban and rural thoroughfares, leaf collection at schools and factories, property communities, municipal gardens, garden scenic areas, square parks, and even sidewalk leaf collection for sanitation purposes.

Technical Parameters

Project NameParametersUnits
Engine Power18HP
Handheld Straw Length6-8M
Dust Reduction MethodAtomization dust reduction/
Water Pump Power45W
Top Speed5KM/H
Water Tank Capacity200L
Vehicle Size2200x1460x1500MM
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