Hand Push Leaf Collector BY-T2

The BY-T2 hand-push leaf collector is an innovative piece of equipment designed for efficient leaf collection. It draws inspiration from European concepts and is well-suited to domestic needs.

It offers high efficiency, ease of use, and adaptability for various cleaning scenarios, making it a valuable tool for maintaining cleanliness in a wide range of settings, including sidewalks, gardens, residential communities, educational campuses, parks, public squares, as well as industrial premises and workshops.

Power Source


Tank Capacity


Flushing Pressure


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Hand Push Leaf Collector BY-T2



Introducing the BY-T2 hand-push leaf collector, a novel leaf collection equipment inspired by European concepts and tailored to suit domestic requirements. This state-of-the-art device offers remarkable efficiency, exceeding manual cleaning by several times, and is easily maneuverable with hand-pushing assistance.

The garbage storage bag is designed for maximum convenience, making garbage replacement effortless and providing a cost-effective solution. Additionally, the suction mouth can be fitted with an extension tube, allowing for the collection of fallen leaves and debris from green areas. With an adjustable suction mouth height, it effortlessly gathers pristine leaves even in areas with thick or sizable foliage.

This versatile equipment is suitable for maintaining cleanliness in sidewalks, gardens, residential communities, educational campuses, parks, public squares, as well as industrial premises and workshops.

Vehicle Chassis

The hand-pushed leaf collector features a robust frame with an integrated curved beam structure that provides exceptional sturdiness, making it well-suited for various challenging road surfaces.

Equipped with solid tires both in the front and rear, the collector ensures stability. Moreover, a front universal wheel is incorporated to guide and fine-tune the ground clearance of the suction port, enhancing its adaptability to different terrains.

Operating Mode

The hand-push leaf collector operates in two distinct modes. Firstly, it features a suction port at the machine’s bottom for efficient collection of fallen leaves. Additionally, it comes equipped with a handheld straw for leaf collection. What’s more, the machine is self-propelled, eliminating the need for strenuous manual effort by sanitation personnel. Operators simply control its direction, and the speed can be adjusted based on the volume of fallen leaves, ensuring ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Power System

The vehicle is fitted with a Zongshen Power engine boasting 5.5 horsepower. It offers the convenience of both manual and electric start options, ensuring a reliable ignition. With a generous 3.6-liter fuel tank capacity, it provides ample fuel for extended operation. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with high and low gears, enhancing its capability to navigate slopes with ease.

Vehicle Configuration

The front vacuum nozzle is constructed from durable open-molded rotational molding material. It boasts a variable width, ranging from 600 to 800mm, and a width of 120 to 200mm, offering versatility in leaf collection. This nozzle is enhanced with a booster rubber strip, effectively increasing negative pressure and leaf suction capacity.

Moreover, the suction mouth’s height is adjustable, ensuring efficient leaf collection even in areas with dense or large piles of fallen leaves. Additionally, it can be equipped with an extension tube to gather fallen leaves and debris from green areas efficiently.

The garbage collection process is made convenient with the ability to swiftly replace garbage bags, which have a generous 200-liter capacity. The equipment includes a portable installation hook and a curved structure air outlet connection. With a maximum speed of 1.98 kilometers per hour, it ensures efficient and speedy leaf collection.

Innovative Equipment

The front garbage bin attachment method employs a portable design for swift replacement of the woven bag. It features a portable installation hook, making it simple to connect to the curved structure’s air outlet. The upper section of the garbage bag is designed as a quadrilateral frame and includes a sealing strip, facilitating easy replacement and ensuring a strong seal. This design effectively controls dust, enhancing overall performance.

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Technical Parameters

Engine PowerHP5.5
Working Widthmm730
Garbage Bin CapacityL200
Fuel Tank CapacityL3.6
Oil ConsumptionL/H0.8
Fan SpeedR/min3800
Extension Tube Lengthm3-5
Cleaning Aream²/h1500
Driving Speedkm1.98
Straw Diametermm160 or 200
Length of Strawm6-8
Starting Method/Manual start/electric start
Discharge Method/Quick replacement of garbage bags
Driving Method/Hand push/self drive walking
Dust Reduction Method/Sponge dust reduction
Tyre/Solid tire
Fuel Model/Unleaded gasoline
Overall Dimensionsmm1450*800*1150