Pure Electric Sweeper BY-CS60

The BY-CS60 is a versatile pure electric sweeper powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery. It’s designed for diverse cleaning tasks in areas like lanes, sidewalks, airports, and more, offering multiple cleaning functions.

The sweeper has two modes, high and low pressure, to optimize battery life, and fast charging for continuous operation. Notably, it doesn’t require filter replacements and excels in cleaning efficiency and dust control compared to traditional sweepers.

Water Tank Capacity


Cleaning Speed


Battery Life


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Pure Electric Sweeper BY-CS60



The BY-CS60 pure electric sweeper is a compact and advanced cleaning solution resulting from extensive market research and the latest upgrades. This vehicle is designed for efficient cleaning and is powered by a lithium-iron phosphate battery, making it ideal for tackling large-scale cleaning tasks. It is particularly well-suited for rapidly cleaning non-motorized lanes, sidewalks, back alleys, airports, universities, parks, properties, and other areas where vehicle access is limited.

The BY-CS60 offers a wide range of functions, including road cleaning, super road cleaning, curb stone facade cleaning, as well as garbage and sewage recycling. It also features a high-pressure washing system. Notably, the vehicle offers two operation modes, high-pressure and low-pressure, allowing users to choose the appropriate mode based on road surface cleanliness, thereby optimizing battery life. With a single tank of clean water, high-pressure operation can last up to 40 minutes, while low-pressure operation can extend up to 70 minutes.

Furthermore, the BY-CS60 is equipped with independent fast-charging capabilities, enabling it to reach a full charge in just 2-3 hours. This feature ensures that the vehicle can operate around the clock without extended downtime. It represents a new generation of sweeping vehicles that transition from dry sweeping to wet sweeping, eliminating the need for filter element replacements. In comparison to traditional small road sweepers, the BY-CS60 boasts superior cleaning efficiency, exceptional results, and the added benefit of dust-free operation.

Vehicle Chassis

The vehicle features a robust cold-riveted frame, ensuring secure and stable chassis operation. It incorporates a specialized load-bearing asymmetric suspension system for added stability.

Operating Mode

The pure electric cleaning and sweeping vehicle utilizes a cleaning and sweeping approach, combining the benefits of a specialized chassis structure, a combined sweeping and cleaning system with suction capabilities, a hydraulic dumping mechanism, a comprehensive “3D” box washing feature, and a 360° intelligent surveillance camera system.

It offers two operational modes, high and low pressure, allowing users to select the appropriate mode based on the road surface’s cleanliness, thus enhancing battery efficiency. In high-pressure mode, a single reservoir of clean water can sustain operation for up to 40 minutes, while low-pressure mode extends this duration to 70 minutes.

Power System

The entire vehicle operates solely on electric power, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. It boasts an impressive cruising range of 80-100 kilometers, aligning perfectly with the national initiative to promote new energy vehicles.

Vehicle Configuration

The water tank is constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, while lithium-ion batteries drive the power system. At the instrument panel, there are installations for the battery management system and a display unit for monitoring vehicle status. The vehicle is equipped with various operating and transition modes.

The cleaning and sweeping device comes with automatic obstacle avoidance and reset functions for added safety. Control switches are centrally placed in the cab, which is also equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning for operator comfort.

The vehicle is fully electronically controlled and hydraulically operated, featuring a robust suction fan that provides powerful cleaning while maintaining a low overall operating noise.

For the tires, 8-layer radial high-load vacuum tires are utilized, ensuring durability and an extended service life.

Internet Of Vehicles System

The optional vehicle networking management and control system allows for real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s operational path, duration, performance, and power usage.

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Technical Parameters

Vehicle Overall ParametersCurb Weightkg3050
Gross Vehicle Weightkg4250
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm4450x1450x2150
Min. Ground Clearancemm145
Wheel TreadFrontmm1220
Working ParametersWash & Sweep Widthm2.3
Wash & Sweep Speedkm/h5~10
Cleaning Speedkm/h8~15
Cleaning Capacity㎡/h20000
Cleaning Cleanliness Rate%≥97
Dust Density During Operationmg/m³2.5
Working SounddB(A)<68
Cleaning MethodsMiddle Suction Cup Negative Pressure Vacuum Washing + Middle Two Disc Brush Cleaning + Handheld High-Pressure Gun
High Pressure PumpRated PressureMpa20
High-Pressure PumpKw7.5
Max. Capacity of Garbage Bin1
Max. Capacity of Clean Water Tank1.2
Side BrushMotorw300
Hydraulic MotorKw1.2
Discharge Angle°45
Discharge Height  m700
Traveling ParametersContinuous Working Time (or Distance)h4-5
Max. Speed (Unloaded)km/h30
Max. Climbing Angle%15
Braking Distance (Full Load 20km/h)m≤5.5
Min. Turning Diameterm5.6
ChassisNumber Of Passengers2
ChassisManganese Steel Cold Riveted Splicing Light Truck Chassis
Drive Motor PowerKw7.5
Power Supplyv72
Speed ControlContinuously Variable Transmission
BatteryType72V/606 (Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery )
VolumeAH600(Can Be Increased According to Demand)
Charging TimeStandard  configurationh6-8
Fast charging (Optional)h3-4
Braking MethodHydraulic Drum Brake + Vacuum Pump Braking Assist
Vehicle Detail ConfigurationsCabinetAdopting Sheet Metal Electrophoretic Spraying Process, the Left and Right Sides of The Box Are Equipped with Side Doors
Air ConditionerEquipped with Cold and Warm Air Conditioning, with 360 Degree Adjustment of Air Outlet Direction
Driver CabinAdopting a Fully Enclosed Cabin, Front Windshield Is Made of Tempered Glass
Seat  Waterproof Leather Sponge Seat
Camera360 ° Panoramic Camera with Color Cameras on Both Front, Rear, Left, and Right Sides
Water Level IndicatorYes
Water Level AlarmYes