Pure Electric Deep Cleaning Vehicle BY-C30

The BY-C30 is a compact electric deep-cleaning vehicle designed for efficient sanitation tasks, featuring deep and high-pressure cleaning capabilities. Powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery, it’s small, quiet, and capable of accessing tight spaces. Its functions include super road cleaning, curb stone facade cleaning, garbage and sewage recycling, and high-pressure washing, leaving surfaces looking rejuvenated. With a 40-minute continuous operation capacity and a winter anti-freeze system, it performs well in various conditions.

The vehicle also incorporates the Baiyi Intelligent Environmental Sanitation AI System for comprehensive monitoring and seamless integration in sanitation operations. It supports independent fast charging, achieving a full charge in 2-3 hours, enabling 4-5 tanks of water worth of continuous work on a single charge.

Water Tank Capacity


Cleaning Speed


Battery Life


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Pure Electric Deep Cleaning Vehicle BY-C30



The BY-C30 represents the latest advancement in compact electric deep cleaning vehicles, designed for efficient sanitation tasks that encompass both deep and high-pressure cleaning. Powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery, this vehicle boasts a small footprint and operates with minimal noise, enabling it to access and clean areas that larger vehicles cannot reach.

Its versatile capabilities include super road cleaning, curb stone facade cleaning, garbage and sewage recycling, as well as high-pressure washing. Following a deep cleaning operation, the road surface appears revitalized and almost brand new. With a water tank capacity that allows for continuous operation for up to 40 minutes, and a built-in winter anti-freeze system, the BY-C30 ensures consistent performance even in adverse conditions.

Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with the Baiyi Intelligent Environmental Sanitation AI System, enabling comprehensive monitoring throughout its operational life cycle. This system seamlessly connects people, vehicles, objects, and events in sanitation operations. Furthermore, the BY-C30 features independent fast charging, capable of reaching a full charge in just 2-3 hours, which allows it to work continuously for 4-5 tankfuls of water on a single charge.

Vehicle Chassis

The vehicle features a sturdy cold-riveted frame, ensuring safe and stable chassis operation. Additionally, it employs a specialized load-bearing asymmetric suspension system for enhanced performance.

Operating Mode

The BY-C30 represents the most recent advancement in small electric deep cleaning vehicles. This vehicle is a highly efficient sanitation solution that combines deep cleaning and high-pressure cleaning capabilities. It is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery, making it eco-friendly and sustainable.

This compact vehicle operates quietly, filling a crucial role in sanitation by accessing and cleaning areas that larger deep cleaning vehicles cannot reach. Its multifunctionality includes super road cleaning, curb stone facade cleaning, garbage and sewage recycling, and high-pressure washing. Its deep cleaning leaves road surfaces looking completely rejuvenated.

Power System

The entire vehicle is fully electric, offering an economical and eco-friendly solution. It boasts an impressive cruising range of 80-100 kilometers, aligning perfectly with the national initiative to promote new energy vehicles.

Vehicle Configuration

The vehicle’s water tank has a continuous usage capacity of 40 minutes and comes with a built-in winter anti-freeze system. It seamlessly integrates people, vehicles, objects, and events in sanitation work. Additionally, the vehicle features independent fast charging, enabling a 100% charge in just 2-3 hours, allowing for uninterrupted work on a single charge for 4-5 tanks of water.

Internet Of Vehicles System

The vehicle offers the optional Baiyi Intelligent Sanitation AI system, capable of real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s operating path, duration, performance, power usage, and more.

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Technical Parameters

Vehicle Overall ParametersCurb Weightkg3200
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm4500*1450*2200
Min. Ground Clearancemm180
Wheel TreadFrontmm1220
Working ParametersWash & Sweep Widthm1.1
Wash & Sweep Speedkm/h5~10
Washing Speedkm/h8~15
Washing Capacity㎡/h3000-4000
Washing Cleanliness Rate%≥97
Washing MethodsHigh-Pressure Washing + Vacuum Collection
High Pressure PumpRated PressureMpa25
Water Flow rateL/min30
Max. Capacity of Garbage BinL1100
Max. Capacity of Water TankL1400
Fans MotorKw7.5
Hydraulic MotorKw1.2
Discharge Angle°45
Discharge Height  m750
Traveling Parameters Continuous Working Timeh6-7
Max. Speed (Unloaded)km/h30
Max. Climbing Angle%15
Braking Distance (Full Load 20km/h)m≤5.5
Min. Turning Diameterm6
ChassisNumber Of Passengers2
ChassisManganese Steel Cold Riveted Splicing Light Truck Chassis
Drive Motor PowerKw7.5
Power Supplyv72
BatteryAh800( Lithium iron phosphate battery )
Charging TimeStandardh6-8
Fast charging(Optional)h2-3
Braking MethodHydraulic Drum Brake + Vacuum Pump Braking Assist
Vehicle Detail ConfigurationsCabinetAdopting Sheet Metal Electrophoretic Spraying Process, the Left and Right Sides of The Box Are Equipped with Side Doors
Air ConditionerEquipped with Cold and Warm Air Conditioning, with 360 Degree Adjustment of Air Outlet Direction
Driver CabinAdopting a Fully Enclosed Cabin; Front Windshield Is Made of Tempered Glass
Camera360 ° Panoramic Camera with Color Cameras on Both Front, Rear, Left, and Right Sides
Water Level IndicatorHigh-Pressure Pump
Water Level AlarmYes