High Temperature And High Pressure Cleaning Vehicle BY-R7

The multifunctional high-pressure cleaning vehicle stands out with its dual cleaning capabilities, providing hot and cold water options. This state-of-the-art machine can heat water up to 90 degrees Celsius in its hot water mode. It is a formidable tool against challenges like small urban advertisements, persistent oil stains, and grimy surfaces such as garbage bins, plaza floors, and bus stop tiles. This heated mode is specifically designed to target and effectively clean areas plagued by tougher dirt and grime.

On the flip side, its cold water mode serves a different yet equally vital purpose. It’s tailored for rapidly and efficiently cleaning city sidewalks and service lanes. Besides its cleaning prowess, a notable advantage of this vehicle is its compact size, ensuring easy manoeuvrability in urban settings. This not only allows for greater accessibility and reach but also ensures that public infrastructure like sidewalk tiles and manhole covers remain undamaged during the cleaning process.

BY-R7 Power Source

Gasoline Electric Hybrid

Tank Capacity


Flushing Pressure


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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High Temperature And High Pressure Cleaning Vehicle BY-R7


Vehicle Chassis

The vehicle is built upon a top-notch electric tricycle chassis. Its frame, designed as an integrated curved beam, provides a sleek appearance and ensures robustness and stability, making it adaptable to various challenging terrains.

The controller is strategically placed at the bottom of the vehicle for ease of maintenance and added protection. It’s housed within a protective installation box, shielding it from potential damage from water splashes.

Operating Mode

The vehicle boasts an independent ramping mechanism, smoothly transitioning onto auxiliary roads and promptly cleaning sidewalks.

For versatile cleaning, it features adjustable nozzles on both sides that can rotate 360 degrees. These left and right nozzles offer on-the-fly direction change, ensuring optimal coverage. The core of its operation, the main valve, is hydraulically operated, ensuring longer durability. Additionally, there’s an option to equip the vehicle with a 5-nozzle frontal flush system, which can easily be swapped with the side flush system as needed.

An adjustable electric push rod is installed on the side punch to cater to different terrains and cleaning requirements. This allows for automatic height adjustment from the ground, ranging from 0-20cm.

For more localized cleaning, a handheld high-pressure spray gun is equipped with a rotating nozzle. This is invaluable for washing small advertisements, cleaning trash bins, and removing ground litter.

One of its standout features is the unique working speed mode that maintains the vehicle’s pace at 5km/h. This ensures consistent cleaning efficiency during sanitation tasks. Furthermore, an integrated heating furnace can rapidly heat water to 80°C, amplifying its cleaning capabilities.

Power System

The vehicle is powered by a reputable brand battery, either Chaowei or Tianneng, boasting a 45AH dry, maintenance-free design. This ensures enhanced battery longevity and consistent performance.

The vehicle features both high and low gears for diverse terrains, especially sloped roads, enhancing drivability and adaptability. Furthermore, its “working speed mode” ensures a steady pace of 5km/h. This not only guarantees superior flushing outcomes but also heightens the safety during operations.

Under the hood, an imported American Periton gasoline engine is fitted. This engine benefits from an original electric start and is equipped with an oil shortage protection device, reflecting its premium quality and commitment to safety.

Vehicle Configuration

The vehicle has a robust 700L roto moulding water tank, crafted as a single piece through an open mould process. This design ensures the tank is resistant to leaks, corrosion, and ageing.

Functionality is at the forefront of this water tank, as it features a dedicated interface for cleaning and sewage discharge. Additionally, an overflow interface activates when the tank reaches its full capacity. A water level observation window is thoughtfully positioned on the side of the tank, enabling real-time monitoring of the water content. As for the body shell, it’s constructed from sheet metal coated in plastic. This coating process involves an initial pickling and phosphating treatment, followed by a single plastic spray. This not only boosts its resistance to corrosion but also imparts an aesthetically pleasing and refined appearance.

Safety and efficiency are prioritized with the inclusion of front and rear hub brakes, ensuring superior braking performance. The vehicle’s LED headlights, known for their intense brightness, guarantee safer nighttime operations.

Furthermore, a built-in heating furnace allows the water temperature to reach 80°C, enhancing the vehicle’s cleaning capabilities.


  • Potential buyers can select from the vehicle’s two water tank capacities: 500L or 700L, both designed as integral rotationally moulded tanks.
  • Additionally, there’s an option to outfit the vehicle with a hand-push flusher and a hand-push disc, catering to diverse cleaning requirements.
  • An optional rear dust suppression system can be added for those concerned about environmental impact and cleanliness.
  • And for added protection and comfort, there’s an option to include a cab carport to the vehicle configuration.
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Technical Parameters

Project NameParametersUnit
ChassisZongshen load-carrying chassis/
Heating Methoddiesel heating/
Maximum Temperature80
Water Tank Capacity500/700L
Extension Tube15M
Maximum Pressure25MPA
Flushing MethodLeft and right hedging / forward / handheld spray gun/
Operating Voltage60V
Vehicle Size3100x1000x1600MM