Small Multifunctional Three-Wheel High-Pressure Cleaning Vehicle BY-C7

The BY-C7, known as the “small high-pressure water sweeper,” is a versatile, compact, and lightweight washing truck designed for efficient urban cleaning tasks. It swiftly cleans sidewalks, roads, curbstones, and more, including advertising displays, garbage bins, and public facilities. With safety features like alarms and reflective strips, it’s suitable for day and night use.

Its unique functions, such as speed modes and water level alarms, enhance operational safety. This vehicle, using a high-quality electric tricycle chassis, is easy to operate, making it accessible to ordinary sanitation workers.

Power Source

Gas-Electric Hybrid

Tank Capacity


Flushing Pressure


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Small Multifunctional Three-Wheel High-Pressure Cleaning Vehicle BY-C7



Introducing the BY-C7, a compact yet versatile high-pressure washing truck, also fondly referred to as the “small high-pressure water sweeper.” This innovative vehicle is designed for a wide range of cleaning tasks, primarily focused on swiftly and effectively cleaning urban sidewalks, secondary roads, curbstones, and smaller city streets. Its capabilities extend to cleaning advertising displays, garbage bins, trash cans, removing dirt from floors, restoring floor tiles to their original luster, washing bus stop signs, and even maintaining public toilets. When paired with a small road sweeper, it enhances efficiency in cleaning sidewalks and secondary roads.

This vehicle boasts a petite form factor, lightweight construction, and excellent maneuverability, ensuring that it won’t cause any damage to sidewalk tiles, manhole covers, or other public infrastructure. It comes equipped with operational alarms and reflective strips for safe day and night use. Unique features like the “working speed mode,” “water level alarm device,” and “high and low-speed adjustment” contribute to enhanced operational safety. Utilizing a high-quality electric tricycle chassis, it is user-friendly and can be operated by ordinary sanitation workers.

Vehicle Chassis

Utilizing a premium electric tricycle chassis, this vehicle boasts a robust integrated curved beam frame structure that provides exceptional stability and is well-suited for tackling diverse and challenging road surfaces.

The controller is thoughtfully positioned at the vehicle’s underside and comes with a protective installation box. This design not only facilitates easy maintenance but also serves as a safeguard against potential damage from splashing water.

Operating Mode

The three-wheeled high-pressure cleaning vehicle features an independent diagonal flushing system that enables it to clean sidewalks while navigating auxiliary roads efficiently.

It comes equipped with left and right-side flushing nozzles that offer 360-degree adjustability, allowing for on-the-fly changes in the flushing direction. The main valve is a hydraulic one, enhancing durability. Additionally, an optional 5-nozzle front flush system is available, giving the flexibility to switch between front and side flushing as needed.

The side punch is equipped with an adjustable electric push rod, automatically adapting to ground height within a range of 0-20cm.

For more targeted cleaning, the vehicle is furnished with a handheld high-pressure spray gun and a rotating nozzle, perfect for cleaning small advertisements, trash cans, and ground litter.

A standout feature is the unique working speed mode, which maintains the vehicle’s speed at 5km/h, ensuring efficient sanitation operations.

Power System

It features a renowned brand (either Chaowei or Tianneng) 45AH dry maintenance-free battery, known for its extended battery life and durability.

This three-wheel high-pressure cleaning vehicle is thoughtfully equipped with high and low gears, making it adept at navigating slopes with ease.

The inclusion of a “working speed mode” set at a steady 5km/h not only enhances the flushing effectiveness but also significantly improves safety during operations.

Furthermore, it comes powered by an imported American Periton gasoline engine, featuring an original electric start and a built-in oil shortage protection device for added reliability.

Vehicle Configuration

The 750L integrated rotomolded water tank is crafted through an open molding process, ensuring exceptional leak resistance, corrosion resilience, and resistance to aging.

This water tank features specialized interfaces for cleaning and sewage discharge, along with an overflow outlet for when the tank reaches full capacity. Additionally, a water level observation window is thoughtfully incorporated into the tank’s side, facilitating real-time monitoring of water levels.

The vehicle’s body shell is constructed from spray-molded sheet metal, which undergoes a pickling and phosphating process before spraying. This treatment enhances its anti-corrosion properties while lending a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Braking efficiency is significantly improved with the implementation of front and rear hub brakes, ensuring a superior braking effect. For enhanced safety during nighttime driving, the vehicle is equipped with high-intensity LED headlights.


The three-wheel high-pressure cleaning vehicle offers flexibility in water tank selection, with options for an integrated rotational molded tank in either 500L or 700L capacities.

Moreover, you have the choice to equip the vehicle with a hand-push flusher and a hand-push disc.

Additionally, there’s the option to add a rear dust suppression system for enhanced cleaning capabilities.

For added convenience and protection, you can opt for a cab carport accessory.

Technical Parameters

Vehicle Overall ParametersPayloadkg780
Dimensions (L x W x H)mm3100*1000*1600
Min. ground clearancemm150
Wheel TreadRearmm900
Working ParametersWashing Widthm6-8
Speed of Workkm/h5~10
Washing Efficiency㎡/h25000
Max. Washing PressureMPA25
Fuel Tank VolumeL25
Working SounddB(A)<68
Washing MethodsWashing MethodsStandard (Left and Right Washing, High-Pressure Hand Gun) Optional(Front Washing, Rear Dust Suppression)
High Pressure PumpBrandItaly AR High Pressure Pump
High-Pressure PumpBrandUS Briggs & Stratton Engine
Water TankMaterialIntegrated Rotational Molding Water Tank
Drive Motor PowerKw1.5
 Hose Rollerm15
Traveling ParametersWorking DistanceKm45-50
Max. Speed (Empty Load)km/h30
Max Climbing Angle%15
Braking Distance (Full Load 20km/h)m≤5.5
Min. Turning Diameterm6
ChassisNumber Of Passengers1
ChassisWuzheng / Zongshen
Drive MotorKw1.2
Speed ControlContinuously Variable Transmission
Power Supplyv60
BatteryBrandTianneng Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid Battery
Charging TimeStandard configurationh6-8
Tyre Specification2.75-14/4.00-12
Braking MethodHydraulic Drum Brake
Vehicle Detail ConfigurationsCabinetSheet Metal Electrophoretic Spraying Method
Driver Cabin CoverOptional
Seat  Waterproof Leather Sponge Seat
Water Level Indicatoryes
Water Level Alarmyes
Lithium Battery Type BatteryTypeLithium Battery
VolumeAh210 (capacity Can Be Increased According to Requirements)
Working timeh4-6
Charging timeh6-8
Max. PressureMPA25
Optional Heating SystemHeating SystemDiesel Heating Furnace
Max. Temperature80