Can Be Licensed Three-Wheel High-Pressure Cleaning Vehicle BY-C2815

The three-wheel high-pressure cleaning vehicle, also known as the “small high-pressure washing vehicle,” is a versatile and compact vehicle used for efficiently cleaning urban sidewalks, roads, and various surfaces. It can perform tasks like removing dirt, restoring floor tiles, and cleaning public amenities.

With its small size, lightweight design, and safety features, it ensures minimal damage to public facilities and can be operated day and night. This vehicle is a valuable tool for sanitation workers, enhancing cleaning efficiency in urban areas.

Power Source

Gas-Electric Hybrid

Tank Capacity


Flushing Pressure


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Can Be Licensed Three-Wheel High-Pressure Cleaning Vehicle BY-C2815



The three-wheel high-pressure cleaning vehicle, often referred to as the “compact high-pressure washer,” boasts versatile cleaning capabilities, primarily employed for the swift and efficient cleaning of urban sidewalks, auxiliary roads, and curbstones. Its range of functions extends to cleaning urban elements such as small advertisements, fruit bins, trash cans, removing ground dirt, restoring floor tiles to their original color, flushing bus stop signs, and cleaning public toilets, among other tasks. When used in conjunction with a small road sweeper, it significantly enhances the efficiency of sidewalk and auxiliary road cleaning operations.

Despite its compact size and lightweight construction, this vehicle excels in maneuverability and ensures the preservation of public facilities like sidewalk floor tiles and manhole covers, preventing any damage. Equipped with an operational alarm system and night reflective strips, it is suitable for both daytime and nighttime operations, enhancing safety.

Its unique features, including the “working speed mode,” “water level alarm device,” and “high and low speed adjustment,” further bolster the safety aspects of its operations. Utilizing a high-quality electric tricycle chassis, it offers user-friendly operation and can be easily operated by regular sanitation workers.

Vehicle Chassis

Utilizing a top-tier electric tricycle chassis, this vehicle incorporates a robust integrated curved beam frame structure, well-suited for navigating diverse and challenging road conditions.

The controller is cleverly positioned at the vehicle’s underbelly, accompanied by a protective installation box. This strategic placement not only facilitates convenient maintenance but also shields the controller from potential water splashes, minimizing the risk of damage.

Operating Mode

The three-wheeled high-pressure cleaning vehicle is outfitted with an independent diagonal flushing system. This vehicle is designed to navigate auxiliary roads and efficiently clean sidewalks.

It boasts left and right side flushing nozzles that offer 360-degree adjustability, allowing for flexible directional changes during operation. The primary valve utilizes hydraulic technology for enhanced durability. Additionally, there’s an optional 5-nozzle front flushing attachment that can be easily interchanged with the side flushing equipment.

The side flushing mechanism features an adjustable electric push rod, enabling automatic height adjustment from 0 to 20 centimeters above the ground.

The vehicle is also equipped with a handheld high-pressure spray gun with a rotating nozzle, which is handy for cleaning small advertisements, trash cans, and ground debris.

One of its standout features is a unique working speed mode that maintains a constant vehicle speed of 5 kilometers per hour, ensuring optimal cleaning efficiency during sanitation operations.

Power System

Fitted with a renowned brand battery, either Chaowei or Tianneng, boasting a 45AH dry maintenance-free design for extended battery life.

This three-wheel high-pressure cleaning truck is thoughtfully designed with high and low gears to ensure smooth navigation on slopes.

It features a “working speed mode” set at 5 kilometers per hour, optimizing flushing effectiveness and safety.

The vehicle is powered by an imported American Periton gasoline engine, featuring an original electric start and a built-in oil shortage protection mechanism for added reliability and peace of mind.

Vehicle Configuration

The 750-liter integral rotomolded water tank is crafted for durability, boasting resistance to leakage, corrosion, and aging.

This water tank is thoughtfully equipped with specialized interfaces for cleaning, sewage discharge, and an overflow outlet upon tank filling. Additionally, a water level observation window is integrated into the tank’s side, allowing for convenient real-time monitoring of water levels.

The body shell is formed from spray-molded sheet metal, which undergoes a pickling and phosphating process before spraying. This not only enhances its anti-corrosion properties but also elevates its aesthetic appeal.

For superior braking performance, both front and rear hub brakes are employed. Furthermore, the vehicle features high-intensity LED headlights, ensuring safer nighttime driving.


The three-wheel high-pressure cleaning vehicle offers the flexibility to select from two integral rotational molded water tank options, with capacities of either 500 liters or 700 liters.

It can also be customized with a hand-push flusher and a hand-push disc for specific cleaning requirements.

Additionally, there is an optional rear dust suppression system that can be added to the vehicle.

Furthermore, for added versatility, the vehicle can be equipped with an optional cab carport.

Technical Parameters

Project NameParameterUnit
ChassisZongshen Load-Carrying Chassis/
Rated Occupants1People
Maximum Pressure25MPA
Water Tank Capacity500/700L
Extension Tube15m
Fuel Tank Capacity25L
Operating Voltage60V
Flushing MethodLeft and Right Hedge, Forward Rush, Hand-Held Spray Gun/
Vehicle Size3100*1000*1600MM