Four-Wheel Multi-Functional High-Pressure Cleaning Vehicle BY-C15

The multi-functional four-wheel high-pressure cleaning vehicle, also known as the “small high-pressure water sweeper,” is designed for versatile urban cleaning tasks. It swiftly cleans sidewalks, roads, and public facilities without damaging surfaces. With a robust carbon steel chassis, oversized tires, and shock absorbers, it handles heavy loads effortlessly.

This compact vehicle operates effectively alongside a small road sweeper, enhancing cleaning efficiency on sidewalks and roads. The user-friendly cab features intuitive controls and climate control options for ease of operation. Its energy-efficient design ensures environmentally friendly and cost-effective cleaning.

Incorporating a range of functions, from restoring floor tile vibrancy to sanitizing public amenities, the high-pressure cleaning vehicle offers a comprehensive solution for urban cleaning needs.

BY-C15 Power Source

Gasoline Electric Hybrid/Pure Electric

Tank Capacity


Flushing Pressure


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Four-Wheel Multi-Functional High-Pressure Cleaning Vehicle BY-C15


Vehicle Chassis

The vehicle’s chassis utilizes the cold riveting splicing process, which involves seamlessly connecting steel pipe beams. This construction approach offers excellent load-bearing capabilities, dependable strength, and torsion resistance. Furthermore, the spare parts are interchangeable across the board.

For braking, the vehicle employs a four-wheel hydraulic brake system with a vacuum booster. This configuration ensures both safety and reliability.

Operating Mode

The vehicle comes with an advanced high-pressure flushing system featuring various modes for cleaning. These modes include left and right side flushing, row flushing, and hand-held high-pressure gun flushing.

The vehicle is outfitted with nozzles for left and right side flushing, and these nozzles offer the flexibility to change the flushing direction as needed. The primary valve used is a hydraulic one, which enhances its durability.

Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with a hand-held high-pressure spray gun and a rotating nozzle. These components are designed for effectively cleaning small advertisements, trash cans, and ground garbage.

To address dust issues, the vehicle is fitted with a spray dust suppression function at the rear, along with a front flushing device that features a 7-hole nozzle configuration.

Power System

Furnished with a renowned brand (Chaowei or Tianneng) dry maintenance-free battery, with a capacity of 150AH, or a lithium battery. This choice of battery enhances overall battery longevity.

Vehicle Configuration

The vehicle includes a built-in integrated rotomolded water tank with a 1500-liter capacity. This water tank features a dedicated interface for cleaning and sewage discharge, along with a front-facing water level observation window, enabling convenient real-time water level monitoring.

Powered by an imported American Periton gasoline engine, the engine is equipped with an original electric start and features an oil shortage protection mechanism.

The vehicle is outfitted with an imported Italian AR high-pressure water pump that boasts a maximum pressure of 280 kg, delivering robust cleaning capability.

The box body is constructed using a sheet metal spraying process, which entails comprehensive spraying post pickling and phosphating. Inside, it houses the integrated rotomolded water tank with a 1500-liter capacity. This tank also includes a specialized interface for cleaning and sewage discharge, alongside a water level observation window at the front, ensuring convenient monitoring of water levels.

For storage, the main toolbox is equipped with built-in hooks, serving as a dedicated space for storing the hand-held flushing equipment, high-pressure water gun, and hand-held bracket.


The vehicle offers the flexibility to select either a lithium battery or a lead-acid battery as its power source. For the rear engine of the vehicle, there’s a choice between pure electric power or fuel-based power. Additionally, the vehicle provides the option to include a rear dust suppression system.

Technical Parameters

Vehicle Overall ParametersCurb Weightkg1670
Gross Vehicle Weightkg3250
Dimensions (l x w x h)mm4020*1400*2100
Min. Ground Clearancemm180
Wheel TreadFrontmm1220
Working ParametersWashing Widthm6-8
Speed ​​of Workkm/h5~10
Washing Efficiency㎡/h20000
Washing MethodsWashing MethodsLeft and Right Washing, Front Washing, Side Washing, Rear Dust Suppression, High-Pressure Hand Gun.
High-pressure pumpItaly AR high-pressure pump22
High-Pressure PumpBrandItaly AR High-Pressure Pump
Rated pressureMPA25
Water Pump  MotorBrandLiechima
Water TankMaterialIntegrated Rotational Molding Water Tank
Drive MotorKw7.5
 Hose Rollerm15
Traveling ParametersWorking DistanceKm90-100
Max. Speed (Empty Load)km/h30
Max. Climbing Angle%15
Braking Distance (Full Load 20km/h)m≤5.0
Min. Turning Diameterm4.8
ChassisNumber Of Passengers2
Drive Motor PowerKw7.5
Speed ControlContinuously Variable Transmission
Power Supplyv72
BatteryBrandLithium battery
Charging TimeStandard  configurationh≤8
Fast Charging(Optional)h3-4
Braking MethodAdopting A Fully Enclosed Cabin; Front Windshield Is Made Of Tempered Glass
Vehicle Detail ConfigurationsCabinetAdopting Sheet Metal Electrophoretic Spraying Process, The Left And Right Sides Of The Box Are Equipped With Side Doors
Air ConditionerLead Acid Version Optional Lithium Version Standard
Driver CabinLeft and Right Washing、Front Washing、Side Washing、Rear Dust Suppression、 High-Pressure Hand Gun
SeatWaterproof Leather Sponge Seat
CameraHigh-Definition Reverse Image
Water Level IndicatorYes
Water Level AlarmYes
Engine TypeBatteryTypeLead acid
Working MotorKw7.5
Drive EngineHP13.5
Working Timeh6-8
Charging TimehStandard 6-8 (Normal charging)
Max Washing PressureMPA25
Optional Heating System  Heating SystemDiesel heating Furnace
Max. Temperature80