Rear Loading Garbage Truck BY-L35

This battery-powered vehicle designed for trash collection boasts economic efficiency, environmental friendliness, and an appealing appearance. It uses a rear-loading system with a built-in scraper for effective trash compression, increasing garbage bin capacity. A standard 240-liter bin can now hold 20-25 barrels of waste.

It also features self-unloading and compatibility with various garbage trucks, reducing travel time to transfer stations and improving work efficiency. This vehicle is widely used in urban sanitation, municipal gardens, property management, factories, schools, hospitals, and more for efficient waste collection and transfer.

Power Source

Pure Electric

Trash Bin Capacity


Battery Life


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Rear Loading Garbage Truck BY-L35



This vehicle operates solely on battery power, offering economic benefits, environmental friendliness, and an aesthetically pleasing design. Its primary purpose is waste collection, particularly designed for rear-loading garbage collection. Equipped with a scraper, it can efficiently compact trash, significantly increasing the garbage bin’s capacity. A standard 240-liter garbage bin can now accommodate 20-25 barrels of waste. Moreover, this vehicle features a self-unloading mechanism and can easily connect with large, medium, and small garbage compression trucks. This integration saves time on trips to and from transfer stations, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

Currently, this vehicle finds extensive applications in urban sanitation, both in urban and rural areas, municipal gardens, property management, factories, schools, hospitals, and various other settings, facilitating efficient waste collection and transfer operations.

Vehicle Chassis

The chassis is constructed with robust No. 12 channel steel for its primary longitudinal beams, connected via seamless steel pipe cross beams. This design ensures excellent load-bearing capabilities, dependable strength, and torsional resistance. Additionally, the chassis benefits from universally interchangeable spare parts, enhancing its versatility. For safety and reliability, it features a four-wheel hydraulic braking system with vacuum assist.

Operating Mode

The electric waste collection truck operates on battery power, offering economic advantages, environmental benefits, and an attractive design. Its primary function is to collect trash bins. This vehicle features a rear-loading garbage configuration and comes equipped with a scraper for efficient compression, thereby expanding the garbage bin’s capacity.

A standard 240-liter trash container can now accommodate 20-25 barrels of waste. Additionally, the truck has a self-unloading capability and can be seamlessly connected to large, medium, and small garbage compression trucks, reducing the time spent traveling to transfer stations and enhancing overall work efficiency.

Power System

The entire vehicle is entirely electric, delivering both cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness, boasting an approximate cruising range of 80 kilometers. This aligns seamlessly with the nation’s commitment to advancing new energy vehicle technologies.

Vehicle Configuration

The carriage is constructed from durable 201 stainless steel sheet metal and features a self-unloading capability. It’s adaptable for connection to garbage compression trucks of various sizes, reducing transit times to transfer stations and enhancing overall work efficiency. The entire garbage collection process is enclosed, preventing waste from falling onto the ground.

For operational convenience, functions such as bucket clamping, flipping, dumping, and compression are controllable via either the rear electronic control box’s knob or the wireless remote control handle.

The barrel hanging and turning mechanism utilizes a robust steel four-link system with slider lifting and self-locking barrel pressing functions. It can effortlessly lift and tip both standard 120-liter and 240-liter trash cans, with rear-mounted hanging buckets for added convenience. This mechanism operates smoothly and offers a high degree of automation.

This rear-loading garbage truck is equipped with a scraper that easily compacts waste, significantly increasing the garbage bin’s capacity. A standard 240-liter garbage bin can now accommodate 20-25 barrels of trash.

Operating Environment

The vehicle’s cabin is furnished with an EPS steering assist system and an EBS brake vacuum assist system, ensuring agile steering and dependable braking.

It offers a comfortable driving experience, is user-friendly in operation, and doesn’t impose excessive demands on the driver.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with a fan and offers the option for air conditioning to enhance driving comfort.

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Technical Parameters

Vehicle Overall ParametersCurb Weightkg1900
Gross Vehicle Weightkg3400
Dimensions (l x w x h)mm4150*1450*2000
Wheel TreadFrontmm1220
Min. Ground Clearancemm200
Working ParametersTrash BinMaterialStainless Steel and Anti-Corrosion on Both Sides
Loading TypeRear Loaded
Loading Trash Bin CapacityL120/240/660
Water Tank VolumeL20
Hanging Bin/Setting Bin Times8
Unloading Times30
Unloading Angle°50
Unloading Heightmm1200
Traveling Parameters Cruise Rangekm≥80
Max. Speed (Unloaded)km/h28.2
Max. Climbing Angle%15
Braking Distancem5
Min. Turning Diameterm5
ChassisNumber of PassengersPeople2
ChassisManganese Steel Cold Riveted Splicing Light Truck Chassis
Drive Motor PowerKw7.5
Power Supplyv72
Speed ControlContinuously Variable Transmit
BatteryType72v200 Ah Tianneng Maintenance-Free Battery
VolumeAH200(can Increase Acc. Demands )
Charging TimeStandardh6-8h
Front/Rear axle5-Hole Fully Floating Load Axle
Braking MethodHydraulic Drum brake
Loading Cab ParametersLoading CabSheet Metal Electrophoretic Spraying
Air ConditionerOptional with Cold or Warm Air Conditioning
Driver CabinAdopting a Fully Enclosed Cabin; Front Windshield Is Made of Tempered Glass
SeatWaterproof Leather Sponge Seat
CameraColor Camera of Reverse Image
Water Lever IndicatorYes
Water Lever AlarmYes