Two Sorting Garbage Truck BY-L10

The BY-L10 vehicle is powered by electricity, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. It features a sturdy Zongshen chassis, ensuring excellent off-road capability and maneuverability. This vehicle is designed with two separate compartments for recyclable and non-recyclable waste, and it utilizes a side-loading garbage system along with a hydraulic dumping mechanism.

Its primary purpose is to facilitate the collection and transportation of roadside waste while promoting proper garbage separation. This versatile vehicle has found extensive application in urban sanitation, both in city and rural settings, municipal gardens, property maintenance, factories, educational institutions, hospitals, and various other locations where effective waste management is essential.

Power Source

Pure Electric

Trash Bin Capacity


Battery Life


Applicable Working Conditions:

  • Municipal Sanitation
  • Property Area
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Site
  • Factory Enterprise
  • School Campus
  • Vegetable Market
  • Port Terminal
  • Airport
  • Station

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Two Sorting Garbage Truck BY-L10


Vehicle Chassis

It utilizes a premium Zongshen electric tricycle chassis known for its superior quality. The frame boasts an integrated curved beam structure, providing exceptional strength and stability, making it well-suited for navigating a variety of challenging road conditions.

Operating Mode

The dual-category garbage collection vehicle is powered by batteries, making it both cost-efficient and environmentally conscious. Its sleek and attractive design adds to its appeal. The primary purpose of this vehicle is to collect waste containers. The truck is specifically divided into two compartments for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. It employs a side-loading garbage collection system and is equipped with a hydraulic self-unloading mechanism, allowing for separate unloading of non-recyclable bins. Meanwhile, the recyclable bin employs a swing-door unloading method for efficient waste handling.

Power System

The entire vehicle operates solely on electric power, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. It ensures that the entire garbage handling process is enclosed, preventing any waste from spilling onto the ground.

Driving this vehicle is a comfortable experience, with user-friendly controls that are easy to operate, ensuring the driver’s comfort without imposing excessive demands.

Vehicle Configuration

This truck features dual garbage compartments, one for recyclable and the other for non-recyclable waste. It employs a side-loading system and comes equipped with a hydraulic dumping mechanism, enabling separate unloading of non-recyclable garbage bins. Meanwhile, recyclable garbage is unloaded using a straightforward swing door method.

Operating Environment

The top-notch Zongshen electric tricycle chassis is designed for effortless operation by a single individual, offering a hassle-free driving experience with no difficulty.

The frame features an integrated curved beam structure, ensuring robustness and stability, making it well-suited for navigating various challenging road surfaces.

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Technical Parameters

Project NameParametersUnits
ChassisHigh Quality Electric Tricycle/
Rated Occupants1People
Trash Bin CapacityHigh-Quality Electric TricycleL
Travel Drive Motor1200W
Operating Voltage60V
Bin Discharge Angle50Every time
Recharge Mileage≥50KM
Vehicle Size3000x1000x1900MM